Monday, 31 August 2009

Three in a row

Well, afraid I just recorded my third DNF in the UTMB. I called it a day after about 70 miles, further than I've got before but still no cigar. We're spending the next week walking and enjoying the Chamonix valley, then I'm going for a week's climbing at Ailefroide near Briancon. I'll post the story of my race when I get back.

All the other guys here from the WHW family finished the event brilliantly, congratulations to all!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if WHW race, the Devil o, then UTMB was just a bit too much on your plate? The super-legendary Scott Jurek completed UTMB for the first time this year @ his third visit, so finishing the distance is by no means 'easy' for anyone. Will look forward to reading your full story.

The Sunday Adventure Club said...

It was great to see you in Chamonix Andy, enjoy the rest of your holiday and get planning for next year! ;o)

Lee Maclean said...

Good effort Andy.
Your time is coming.

Mrs Mac