Saturday, 16 July 2011

No More Training then

Over the past three weeks I've re-familiarised myself with most of the Lakeland 100 course. Three sessions, around 30 miles each, two beautiful summer days and one with its fair share of rain and electrical activity. The efficient Cumbria bus service means that you can get to pretty well anywhere in the district from your start point in a couple of hours or so, avoiding the need for tedious "out-and-back" trips, so I've been travelling over ground that I don't see very often all the way.  I've thoroughly enjoyed it, but that's it for now. It's two weeks until the event and the work's done, I can't believe that any miles I do from now on will have any effect on the outcome. A bit of gentle walking or maybe a 3 mile jog or two, but I've got a slightly sore Achilles so perhaps I'll just put my feet up, drink some wine and get plenty of sleep.

After the Lakeland I'll be off to the Alps for a week or so climbing, after which I plan to go round the UTMB course over 4 days (ie slowly!). By then it will be less than two weeks until the UTMB event, so back to taking it easy again.

Wonder if I'll ever do any actual running again.........

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