Friday, 15 January 2010

The Good News and the Bad News

Well what a start to 2010.

In the cloudless, windless days early in the month in spite of the ice underfoot I couldn't resist one of my favourite winter runs. Out from home, a long, long cycle track, eventually meeting the Dee, then back along  the river bank to Chester and  home along the canal towpath to my village. 24 miles, all but a few hundred yards off road, and flat (mountains can come later!). Cautious because of the ice but still brilliant because of the weather, slow and steady. Then even Chester got its few inches of snow, carpeting the local forest trails and making for wonderfully cushioned, silent running through the trees. Before the year was 10 days old I was in Zermatt, where cloud and falling snow were promised but after a day this turned to clear blue skies, keen dry temperatures, and eighteen inches of near perfect powder if you knew where to look.

The first half of January has been magical. But there is always a but......

The tail end of the festive season then far too much rosti and gluwein has left me around 10 pounds heavier than I ought to be, and while the running so far has been great fun it has been far from testing. A sharp 8 miler this evening on the first dry roads since mid December was hard, I've a bit of work to do. And this in a year where I decided to open the campaign early with the 50 mile Thames Trot in the first week of February. So three weeks to get into shape, just get out there and put in a few miles, maybe it will be OK.
More of the other plans for the year next time.

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Brian Mc said...

A man of your mental calibre will be fine. The Trot might be a bit more grunty and sweaty and sore than normal, but no problem. Then you shall be transformed into a svelte ultrarunning goat of a man.